A Thin Place: Where Two Worlds Meet

After his sister sadly died 10-year-old Dill’s life changed. Gone were the days filled with fun and laughter, gone was his home and his friends. Instead Dill is taken to live in his grandmother’s old cottage in the countryside, with only one friend to talk to… his trusty spaniel Bramble.


Dill soon realizes that life in his new home, the Dip-n-Dells, is anything but lonely. With his grandmother’s help Dill learns a magical language called ‘SENSE’ that allows him to befriend the animals of the Dip-n-Dells. Along with his new friends Dill has thrilling adventures and uncovers the secrets of the mystical landscape around him. However, a cloud hangs over Dill’s new life… his family’s grief at losing his sister. So with the help of his grandmother and his friends in nature, Dill sets out to help his parents to bring light back into their lives and in doing so finds that where love is involved, anything is possible… especially when a place is thin.

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Eastbourne Experience

Eastbourne Experience – an open weekend of spiritual development.  Registration is NOW open for 2019 exclusively via my friends at Cove House Publishing.


The weekend from Friday 29th November to Sunday 1st December 2019, is designed for you to experience teachings with me, Gordon Smith, on trance and altered-states.  Among my friends coming along will be Billy Cook, who will help you understand good platform mediumship, Janet Birdseye will work with you to improve your private readings, and Steven Levett will cover all aspects of healing, including trance healing.

At your special weekend, you will get to work with every tutor as well as enjoy public demonstrations of mediumship with the team.

The only way to register for this event is by completing our secure booking form below. You will then be contacted by a member of the Cove House Publishing team who will take a deposit and confirm your registration and room requirement.

The Eastbourne Experience is about building your spiritual gifts and having a fun weekend with like-minded people; all you have to do is come along and open your heart and mind.

See you there!

Best wishes,
Gordon Smith